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Saw Palmetto

Bob's testimony~I was using Saw Palmetto for urinary control and my prostate.  It appeared to be working but I wanted to do a test.  I went off it for two weeks.  Went to my doctor and he saw that my PSA levels increased.  That said to me I needed to be on Saw Palmetto.  Since then, my levels went back down and I'm not visiting the bathroom as often. 

Thank you Mary Beth and Shaklee!



Emily says "My first order as a Shaklee member included Nutriferon.  Shortly after I received my first order, my 19 month old daughter became sick.  I took her to the pedicatrician and she was diagnosed with a sinus infection (she had the ususal symptoms--green stuff coming out of her nose, coughing and not sleeping well).  The doctor prescribed an anti-biotic.  I thought about what Mary Beth told me and that Nutriferon worked very well with her children.  So instead of getting the anti-biotic, I crushed up one Nutriferon and put it in my daughter's yogurt.  I did this for 2 days.  On the third day, she didn't have any symptoms and slept through the night.  I couldn't believe it!

Thank you Mary Beth and Shaklee!

"I want to take a moment to tell you how much the Shaklee Product "NutriFeron", has helped my family. Three years ago, my husband Dale suffered from chronic sinus infections. It was like clock work, every three months he would suffer head aches, sinus congestion and cold like symptoms. As a family, we always ate right and supplemented our diets with vitamins. However he could not shake it. After several visits to the Doctor and numerous prescriptions his Dr. stated that "Well it is something that he is going to have to live with." That to me is unacceptable. I called my Shaklee representative and discussed his condition. Mary Beth recommended we try NutriFeron, a product designed to support the immune system. My husband started on it shortly there after. The first 90 days went by no infection, then another, 3 months still nothing. It has now been 2 years and my husband has not had a cold, sinus infection or the like. In addition, he states his overall health is better and we now swear by the use of Nutriferon. Thank you Shaklee for developing this product."

Darleen adds "recently Dale accidentally cut his finger. He ended up getting stitches. Within a couple of days the cut was healing. We couldn't believe it! The doctor was pleasantly surprised when Dale had his stitches removed."


Janice says:  I have been taking Shaklee products consistently for almost 3 years. They have been such a blessing to me in keeping me healthy.
I'm a single mom, going to school to be a RN, and working full time. My day starts at 8:00 am and ends at 10:00 p.m. Very busy and stressful life. So I need supplements to offset the affects of stress.
Back in 2009, I had my annual exam at my OB. They found cancer cells. The follow up visit was in three months. So in addition to taking my regiment of supplements, which include: Vita Lea, Vitamin C, Nutriferon, Omegaguard, Fiber Plan, Osteomatrix, and B Complex I started taking Vivix.
Went back to my OB three months later, and they couldn't find one cancer cell. Of course they couldn't explain it, but I told them the only thing I had done differently in the last three months was taking Vivix. I couldn't believe it myself! What a relief that they couldn't find any cancer.
Now in doing my internship to get my degree, I am around A LOT of sick people at hospitals, clinics, etc. I have not gotten sick even once.
I will not be without my Shaklee products.
Enfuselle Hand & Body Lotion
Mike wrote: My wife has very sensitive skin, so she is very cautious as to what products she uses. I surprised her with the Enfuselle Hand & Body Lotion and the Shower Gel for Mother's Day. Katie did not have a reaction and really likes both products.


Basic H2

Lynn writes "I love the shaklee products. I had some stains on clothing that absolutely nothing would take out and low and behold the Basic H2 worked!"

Mike says "I changed the oil in my truck. Unfortunately, I dropped some of the oil in my driveway. I poured some Basic H2 onto the oil, let it sit a couple of minutes and then used the hose to rinse the driveway. I couldn't believe that the Basic H2 broke down the oil and you can't event tell the oil was there! I use this same product (with only 2 drops to 16 ounces of water) to clean all the glass surfaces in my home, boat and RV."


Michelle Lauzon

I purchased Basic H2 for the long list of uses.  Where I found it really worked, was in my oven.  I had caked on food in the oven.  I sprayed Basic H2 (degreaser formula) and it came off so easy.  Love my "new" oven.  

Thank you Mary Beth for enlightening me on this amazing product!


Fresh Laundry Detergent

Suzanne says "I'm very much into natural products. My husband and I walk 3 miles daily, eat fresh fruits/veggies, and know the value of supplements. So when Mary Beth told us about the special with Shaklee, I was excited to try the Fresh Laundry liquid detergent. My towels would get clean with the previous detergent, but weren't fluffy or smell nice (nothing perfumy). Since I've used the Fresh Laundry detergent, the towels come out SO NICE! Fluffy and a delicate fresh smell. I'm confident with Shaklee detergent that they wouldn't put anything in their products that would harm my husband and myself. The detergent is great for our plumbing too!"

Catherine Shinsky

My daughters are very active in a variety of sports. Mary Beth suggested supplements for them to prevent injury, help them during the difficult tween and teenage years, and just be healthy.

Well we ran out of our supplements and my 12 year old asked when we were getting them. She felt a difference when taking Shaklee products. It truly is a testimony to the products when your child asks to take them.

Mary Beth and I connected and I placed my order.

Thank you Shaklee and Mary Beth!